Thursday, May 08, 2003

Guess whose back, back again, back again it is David and not Emimen. Sorry it has been a while since i blogged anything, but i have one quick bit. This is a line from possibly my favorite song ,so if you can get it plus artist, i will be impressed. "Our love is like our music, it's here and then it's gone". So do your best and no Bob you can't answer because i know you know it.

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I stopped making a habit of following tv shows a year or so ago. The only show i really follow anymore is the "Soprano's". I watched "24" for the 1st time last night and i think i have found a show to follow. I think everyone i know who watched it said it was great and i would like it. I normally like shows like that too, just never took the time to sit and watch and now i am hooked. I think my next rental will be the 1st season and hope the 2nd season will be next on dvd so i can catch up.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

In case you are looking for a new cd to pick up i recommend the soundtrack to "Sling Blade". The music was done by Daniel Lanois. He produced among others U2 and Bob Dylan. The music is very relaxing and haunting.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I read somewhere that Ryan Seacrest is getting his own talkshow. I know that i maybe never worthy of getting my own TV show, but come on. I have never watched even a second of America Idol, but i know AnnoyingCrest had his own radioshow during drive time in the afternoon. I cannot understand why there are not accidents on the road if this guy is on the radio. I know if God ever wanted to be cruel, he would make my radio in my car only be programmed to his show and make me listen. I know if i was forced to listen to him, i would be always be running off the road, just hoping my car would break down so he would stop torturing me. I guess this might be a bit strong, but he sucks. When i 1st read this i went out to my lawn and let out a big: Why God Why? at the top of my lungs. So if you hate Seacrest as much as me, please chime in.

This next part is not Ryan's fault, but i won some tickets on his station. I was going to see some glam rock bands that i loved in the 80's. So after you have picked yourself up off the floor from laughing or you have stopped mocking me, read the rest of this. The bass player from Poison had an illness(i took that as too boozed to continue the tour) so the show was cancelled. The radio station sent me a letter informing me that i was going to receive a gift basket. I thought that was way cool of them and was hoping for maybe some conert tickets to an alternate show. No, No, that was not what I got. I am sure everyone of us in our lives was getting a gift and could not wait to see what it was. Somehow imagine my look if you can as me expecting me Ms. America and getting Mr. Atlas. The grab bag had a terrible mixed cd, some make-up products(I know, i know, Huh?) and just a bunch of crap. So i just wanted to share my hatred for that station.

I think tomorrow i should have some juicy stuff since I have to go to the DMV( noooooooooooooooooooo!) this afternoon because i am an idiot and lost my drivers license. I am just expecting something bad to happen and try to explain to someone who doesn't speak my native tongue how to fill out there forms.

Stay tuned, if you dare.
This might not be something anyone wants to know, but since this is my blog you will to suffer like i did: Have your ever woken up and realized you had no clean underwear to wear to work? I had this particular problem Tuesday morning as i showering before work. Please don't pass judgement on me based on this next statement: I like going commando from time to time and so i went to work on Tuesday with no underwear on.

Friday, April 04, 2003

After the day i have had, all i want is a hug from a good woman who would hold me and i will safe and warm and not want to be anywhere else.

Monday, March 31, 2003 more thing..i am going to change the name ofmy blog sometime soon for those of you care( there better be) stay tuned and please update accordingly..this has been David Brown with the nightly news at 9 on channnel "What's Up?
I want to share my better than expected experience with having my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. I must say i was totally scared about having the procedure done. I have never put under before and that made me nervous. 2nd of all i was not really into being in pain all weekend and having to put gauze into my mouth all the time. I get there about 9:45 and they take an X-ray. I thne had to discuss my options of how i want to spend this time. I had 3 options: total knockout, twlight sleep or be awake and numb as a mofo. I did not want to be awake. I know i would not feel anything, but knowing they are yanking out my teeth and me being awake was so gross and so wrong on so many levels. The doctor told me i had a big tongue and being put to sleep was not an option. I never knew i had a big tongue. I say it does nothing for me, but maybe the ladies might enjoy it. I know I might catch some crap, but what can you do? The option was for twlight sleep. The doctor told me that I would be awake, but not remember anything about it. Dr. Marshall told me that i could move my head and my arms and could talk, but I don't remember anything. I remember they put me in the chair and monitored my pulse and my heartbeat. I then remember then spraying my arm real cold and they pricked me(those bastards). The next thing i remember is them waking me up and this poor nurse trying to help me to the next room so i could catch my senses. My brother Philip drove me and took me home and i was trying to talk, but sounded like a muppet with a mouth full of rocks. Philip then was a saint as he hooked me up with my pills and some water. I will tell you that vicitain sure kicks you in the butt, but boy does it work. I guess that is all I have to share about that.

Monday, March 24, 2003

I need an answer to this question: What does Martin Scorsese have to do to win an Oscar?